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What are the Best Neighborhoods for Affordable Real Estate in Dallas?

Maybe you cannot afford one of the more expensive areas of Dallas or you just don’t choose to spend the high dollars expected for luxury homes. If you’re looking for an affordable neighborhood in Dallas, you need to know where to go. Here are some of the top choices for bargain-hunters looking for real estate in Dallas.

West Dallas

Found across Trinity River, this community is full of affordable homes. It’s currently in a rebirth process due to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Finding an affordable home in West Dallas isn’t difficult and there are plenty of good choices.

Pleasant Grove

A short drive from downtown and perfect for commuters, this area was settled in the late 1800s. It used to be a separate community, but is now considered part of Dallas.

Forest Hill

Found to the southeast of Fort Worth, this is one of the most affordable places in DFW. Homes come in with an average price under $100,000.

Northwest Grand Prairie

Maybe the most affordable area in all of DFW, Northwest Grand Prairie provides homes as low as $65,000. This is a suburban area clos to Dallas and provides easy access to many of the big city amenities.

Other very affordable neighborhoods in Dallas include:

  • Deerpath Park – Between Sunnyvale Street and South Lancaster Road
  • Moore Park – Near Great Trinity Forest
  • Herndon Park – Between I-35E and South Ewing Avenue
  • Beckley/Saner – South of Oak Cliff
  • Exeter Wilhurt – Southeast of Oak Cliff

If you prefer the most affordable housing in your new city, these are the areas of Dallas that should be high on your list. All provide homes under $100,000 and plenty of amenities. Of course, you want to make sure you look at each neighborhood and consider all the things you need for your family before choosing your new home.

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